Bharat Shah
Rakesh Singh
Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Birla Finance
"In terms of innovation which is happening across industries, I wanted to bring the “uber” experience to the wealth management space. And that’s how we really identified Valuefy who created a technology platform which standardize the right advise and research for my customers, channel partners & relationship managers"
ASK Group
Soumya Rajan
Founder, Managing Director & CEO- Waterfield Advisors
“The ability to work with a company like Valuefy enables us to bring cutting edge analytics and digital solutions to our clients which was not something that they would have seen or their previous generations would have actually noted.”
Axis Asset Management Co Ltd
Chandresh Nigam
Bharat Shah
Nilesh Shah
Managing Director, Kotak AMC. Ltd.
“We chose Valuefy as someone who will take care of our data integration, as someone who will create solution which is customized for us and third a solution we can use to empower our portfolio managers.”
ASK Group